How to Own Packing for a Weekend Trip

So you are getting ready to pack for that fun weekend trip you had planned, but you are at a loss? I get it, sometimes shorter vacations are harder to pack for because it forces you to zone in on what you are going to do while you are away and only bring the items that you may need. So whether it be a fun weekend vacation, a short get-a-way, or a business trip, I'm here to help you own packing for it, and also get you prepped so your next short time will be a breeze to pack for!

Let's start with the basics!

First, you need to zone in on your trip. There are a few factors that really matter to the packing process, let's walk through those first! Are you flying or driving? Are you going to a warmer climate or colder climate? Is this trip for pleasure or business? Are you staying a night or a few days? Once you are able to answer these questions, it will be much easier for you to start your packing process.

Obviously, you will need to adjust items slightly depending on what your itinerary looks likes and how you answered the basic questions above, but the basic tips and tricks will work great for any short trip!
So let me mention here, I am focusing on a short trips because packing for longer trips does take more time and effort. Not only is there more things to pack, but you have different priorities since you will be living out of a small rolling box for a few weeks or months. Not saying these tips won't help for that too, but it definitely works much easier and better for shorter/weekend trips.

This is my adorable suitcase!! :D

First, let's work on the prep to packing! If you are driving or flying makes a huge difference! When I fly, I always check with the airlines that I am flying with to see what their luggage size and weight restrictions are, also make sure you don't have to pay extra for your carry-on bags or checked bags. Some airlines even charge more for carry-on bags because they want to preserve their on-board storage space. Take all of the factors into consideration before you select what suitcase you plan to pack with!

If you are flying with limited restrictions, you're in luck! This means you can basically pick any decent sized luggage and pack it up. Even when I am going on a short trip, I tend to over-pack. But since I mostly always check my bag, it's not a big deal! I know some people like to travel with smaller luggage or they hate to check their bags, but don't fear, you can use these same tips below and just not over-pack like me.
So for the prep! First, it really helps make a physical or mental list of things you use or need all the time when you travel and just daily items in your routine.

This is basically my list:
Toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, contact case & liquid, shampoo, condition, body wash, razor, hair ties, nail file, deodorant, perfume, external charger, and q-tips. Now take all of those things on your list, and buy a second set of them. Sounds a little crazy, but this is what really helps me when I am packing. I keep a second set of these important items in to-go containers or travel sized containers in a storage big in my closet. So when I need to pack for my trip there is one location to find all these items that I need, and you don't have to wait until last minute to pack these items because you are using them daily and risk the possibility of forgetting to pack them. Keep in mind that if you list differs from mine, make sure those items wont go bad too quickly. You don't want to go to pack it and it to be gross or moldy!

This method is great for frequent weekend travels or business travels that find out last minute they need to be traveling tomorrow (happens to me sometimes, so I get it). It makes packing so much quicker and you don't feel like you are interrupting your daily routine by packing up stuff you are also trying to use.

** Some people prefer rolling their clothes because it is said to take up less space. Personally, I think it depends on what you are packing and what type of luggage you have, but overall I think it tends to save space. **

Now that you have all of the basics set aside and ready to go, the next step to to start to pack all of the other items! The easiest thing is to make piles. Sounds very simple, I know, but trust me it is extremely helpful! Start by making piles of types of clothes; shorts, jeans, t-shirts, cute shirts, dresses, shoes (by type), etc. Once you have all of the different types of clothes that you need, obviously depending on what you will need for your trip, warmer climates - don't forget your bathing suit and towel, colder climates - don't forget gloves and a wool socks, business trips -don't forget jewelry (I always seem to forget jewelry on my business trips). So now you can easily take a look at your piles and see if you have too many of one item or not enough of another. This is helpful if you want to make outfits before you go also, although I am not a fan of doing that because I always change my mind last minute anyways. Also using piles help you not forget an entire item type. You don't know how many times I have almost forgot extra bras! Be sure to use your piles as a size guideline too. It is pretty easy to see if your piles are too large or you have too many of them to fit into your luggage. So use your piles, take stuff out, add stuff that you need more of, then you are ready to start placing them in your luggage, or rolling them into your luggage, this part now goes super quickly!

I also have a simple rule, always bring a pair of jeans and a pair of sweatpants. I don't care if you are going to the warmest beach or even the desert, I have found it very helpful to always have these two items in my luggage. Sometimes the hotels are really cold at night and sweatpants are great, and sometimes you have to travel by train or bus and those are really cold because the AC is blasting, and jeans were the perfect solution! I can name about twenty other times these two items have been the most important things in my luggage and I almost didn't pack them.

Another thing that really helps me when I am packing are my packing bags. The ones that I have are TravelOn brand, but you can find different brands at TJMaxx, Amazon, etc. They mainly help me stay organized when I am packing things up, and as you can tell by my pile method, I like to stay organized. I used them a lot for shoes too, so I can keep my shoes away from my clothes. But they are also great for small clothing items like socks, bras, t-shirts, etc.

Along with the packing bags, I also love using a toiletries hanging storage bag. I found mine off of Wayfair and absolutely love it! I went to link to the one that I purchased but they sadly don't sell it anymore. But I did find one very similar that you can buy here or just get an idea of what to buy. It isn't just great because it helps you stay organized and pack all of your toiletries or random items in on handy hanging bag, but it is also great once you arrive at your location. You just take it out of you luggage and hang it on a door knob or robe hook and no need to fully unpack everything because it is right there for the using. I also have a small version of this that I use for jewelry for longer trips, that is just as amazing! There one I did find on Wayfair also, and they still sell it, yey! You can buy it here!

Between having extra items ready to go, staying organized with piles, and having the most useful packing items, you will be able to own packing for your weekend trip, short vacation, or business trip!!

Did you find this list helpful? Is there anything you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!




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  • #1

    Char xo (Saturday, 22 April 2017 10:35)

    What a lovely case! I cannot believe how much you've managed to pack in it. It definitely helps to make piles rather than packing outfits as it means you can mix and match!

    Char xo ||

  • #2

    Alice Chen (Saturday, 22 April 2017 10:53)

    Great tips!! I definitely always keep a digital packing list, and refer back to it every time I pack!

  • #3

    penelopi (Saturday, 22 April 2017 11:01)

    Hey there!! Thanks for the tips! Another great tip is to roll the clothes. They do take less space in your luggage.

  • #4 (Friday, 05 May 2017 11:58)

    This is way more organised than I usually am when going on a trip. I'll need to take some tips from you.

  • #5

    Emily (Friday, 05 May 2017 14:30)

    That suitcase is to die for! I love the pretty floral print.

  • #6

    Liz (Friday, 05 May 2017 14:34)

    Great tips on packing! I love your suitcase, so pretty!

  • #7

    Stephanie (Friday, 05 May 2017 19:50)

    Okay LOVE the suitcase and your idea of beginning with the basics. The clothes portion of packing can get super overwhelming, but I'm sure having these "basics" packed before you start that process helps you feel more accomplished and motivated to do the rest! And yes, sweatpants are essential! =)

  • #8

    Lindsay (Saturday, 06 May 2017 03:53)

    love this!! Can you write one about a road trip packing?

  • #9

    mei (Saturday, 06 May 2017 12:17)

    Your blog came just right in time. I am heading for a 3 day getaway in Michigan, so i am definitely listening to your advice. Thank you :)

  • #10

    Danielle (Rose Passport) (Tuesday, 09 May 2017 21:56)

    Thanks for the awesome comments guys! So happy that this is useful and is really helping you pack better! :) also, I'll have to thank my mom for the luggage because it was a gift from her, but I did pick it out myself. And Lindsay, I can definitely do a post on packing for a road trip! �Cheers!

  • #11

    Nadia (Tuesday, 27 June 2017 13:06)

    Love the idea of putting shoes in travel bags! I usually organize my clothing using clear bags, especially when flying! I use the Ziplock AirTight bags, however plain gallon sized ziplock type baggies work just fine for intimates or rolled clothing. This not only helps me know what is inside each bag, but also means that TSA members typically don't need to touch my bras and undies!! Also, throwing a dryer sheet on the bottom of your luggage helps your clothing smells fresh, without adding any extra weight or exceeding the airline's liquid restrictions! I tend to have clean bags, lightly worn clothing bags, and then dirty bags while I travel (I really am a real life bag lady). Have you ever put a dryer sheet in a travel bag with lightly worn clothing? I'm curious if it would be worth bringing a few extras!

    But in all seriousness, can I hire you to do all my packing for now on!?

  • #12

    Danielle (Rose Passport) (Sunday, 21 January 2018 15:14)

    Hi Nadia! Thanks so much for your kind words! I love staying organized and packing so I’d be happy to help you pack anytime! I love the clear bag idea, it is a good cheap alternate to the packing bags that I use. They both do the same thing though with the top being see through so you always know what’s inside. I also always use dryer sheets! I put the, in each packing bag and then have some extra for my dirty clothes bag and shoe bag for the trip home.