Rose Passport is a travel blog website ran by Danielle from the US. The name of the website, which is inspired by the classic French song 'La Vie En Rose', that translates to "life through rose colored glasses", is a play on the meaning of that phrase. I hope to inspire people to fall in love with the world through traveling, adventuring, and exploration, just like I did! Rose Passport is a travel blog through the eyes of an interior designer, and lover of adventure. All posts, tips, and advice comes from my personal experience, knowledge, and info that I have picked up along the way.

Rose Passport focuses on world travel to adventurous destinations,  weekend trips, and a dash of interior design travel advice. 

who am i

Hello!! I am Danielle, a young professional that has a passion for traveling. I have been traveling outside of the country since I was younger but usually to the Caribbean or Canada. It wasn't until 2014 that I took my first big trip abroad, which was to Europe.

what i do

I currently am employed as an interior designer at an architectural firm that focuses on hotel design.  After receiving my degree in interior design, I knew right away I wanted to design hotels in hopes that one day I could get the opportunity to design hotels around the world.


Ever since I was a child, I loved to travel. This is most likely due to my mom being a travel agent almost my whole life. Seeing her travel around the world, bringing back photos and souvenirs of all these unique and beautiful places has inspired me to want to do the same.